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Investment Planning

For many people, investing brings a bag of mixed emotions. On one hand, you likely need positive investment performance over a long-term period to grow your assets and generate a comfortable retirement income. On the other hand, you could be fearful of the risk of loss and volatility that is present in nearly any type of investment.

Often, the key to investment success lies not in picking the right securities or vehicles, but rather in understanding your own needs, goals, and concerns. With a clear grasp on your objectives, time horizon, and tolerance for risk, it’s much easier to build the right portfolio for you.

I’m not tied to any specific investment products, families, or asset classes. I operate in an open-architecture environment, which allows me and my team to create custom portfolios and strategies for my clients. No two people have the exact same goals and needs, which is why I don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions.

We take a long-term view, maintaining respect for your goals and time-horizon. That perspective gives us the ability to ignore short-term trends and concerns and instead focus on a comprehensive strategy to achieve your biggest goals.

At the same time, we know that no strategy should remain constant. That’s why I meet regularly with all my clients to analyze goals and concerns and make adjustments where needed.

We balance the need for growth with an aversion for risk. Sometimes the biggest wins come from avoiding major losses. In the portfolio construction process, we always weigh an investment’s risk profile against its potential for growth.

Are you ready to take a fresh look at your investments and goals? Wondering whether your strategy is still the right one for you? Let’s talk about it. I’m happy to offer an initial consultation that comes with no ongoing obligation or commitment. Let’s get together soon and discuss your objectives.

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