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"Every aspect of our financial life is intertwined with one another. In order to reach your full financial potential, all decisions should be made at a macro-level considering the ripple effect that those decisions have. By helping people measure the current financial choices they are making with their desired outcomes, we can model how alternative movements of money can improve your net worth, reduce your risk, and require no change in lifestyle."

Everything I do with my clients is focused on advocating for them as a financial coach. It is in this coaching capacity that I encourage my clients to evaluate the financial choices we make holistically. It is my opinion that focusing on utilizing efficient financial strategies in our wealth accumulation and distribution plans can yield more favorable results than just focusing on rate of return in our investments alone. I also believe that in making financial decisions we should begin with the end in mind. The economic principles that guide retirement income distributions will determine how much we should save and where we should save it to optimize the desired results we are trying to achieve.

My clients and I tackle these beliefs by first having conversations about the major areas in our lives where wealth transfers occur. It is inefficient financial strategies that conventional wisdom has us employ that can cost us thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dollars over the years.

Once the wealth inefficiencies and erosions have been identified and changes made to improve our financial positions, we next shift our focus to understanding how the ‘end game’ economic principles drive our decisions in the accumulation years. By evaluating the financial and economic research that has been done by PhDs and other brilliant minds in the financial field, we can understand how to best save those transferred dollars we have identified to create the most impact on our retirement income projections in retirement.

We can create optimized streams of retirement income by harnessing and achieving balance between both the economic powers available to us in the different financial instruments available to us as consumers and minimizing or eliminating wealth transfers that would have occurred had we not uncovered them.

My goal in working with clients is to create a higher level of confidence and understanding in them about their personal finances. Our work together can help create more money for my clients to save towards their dreams and aspirations for their future...all without a change in their lifestyle. Lastly, our main objective in working together is potentially better income results, better liquidity, and a greater potential for legacy from your assets in retirement. 

"I believe that people unknowingly and unnecessarily transfer away thousands of dollars (if not hundreds of thousands) in the financial strategies they are practicing. Unfortunately these are the unintended consequences with some of the financial choices we make. By helping you understand these wealth transfers/erosions, we can help you achieve a higher net worth without you taking on more risk or without you spending any more money."

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